Catching Up

Well, it has been a while! What a year.

Since last year about this time, a lot has happened for my family and I. I feel bad saying that, because I know the past year has been horrible for so many people. Members of my family did in fact have COVID, and I believe that I did as well – I was just ridiculously sleepy for an entire weekend. Both my wife and I are fully vaccinated.

In the past year, we bought a new house. We got a second dog. My oldest son is about to graduate high school in a month. We started making some improvements to said house. Work is going great, we are busy.

I am a guitarist, so I am working on some tutorials for one of my new toys I got over the past year that I have been getting a lot of us out of. It’s great, but it is rather complicated to set up, so I just want to help due my part to help make it easier for people.

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