Welcome to my new blog!

I am going to start with a bit of backstory. Around 1998, I created my first blog which was called Magnified Pat. I was a teenager and blogs at the time were really just what Twitter is now – just people expounded on whatever was going on in their life at the time. It wasn’t really until a few years down the road until that blogs became more evolved and specialized.

So what will you find on my blog? I plan on blogging about problems and solutions that I have came across in my career – I am a web developer so I use quick a bunch of different technologies. I mainly work with php on the web, and Flutter for mobile. I am currently diving very deep with Flutter, so I expect to that you will find a lot of info about Flutter moving forward.

Hobbies? I like to play guitar, but don’t get to do it as much as I would like to. I drive a Subaru WRX, so expect to find a lot of posts about me starting to customize it to my liking. Finally, I am a big computer gamer too.

The WRX on the day I purchased it.

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